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Puppy Care

Puppies are a lot of work when you first get them. Depending on their age, the amount of training needed will vary. You will need to know where the puppy [...]

Kitten Care

Did you recently adopt a kitten or are you thinking about getting a kitten? Are you aware of the standards of care kittens require to grow up to be strong [...]

Passion for food and healthy snacks and helping your pets

Just like what we eat is important what we feed our pets is just as important. We can not always control what our pets get into but we can control what brand of food, what form the food is in, and what treats we give them.  I prefer to give at least some fresh food to all pets but even when you are chopping fruits and veggies you can give your pet the scraps of some fruits and veggies.  Check out my article on Toxic Foods to know what they cannot have.

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Pets are special to all of us. Whether they are in our home or we get to help them feel better. I feel privileged to have been able to take care of and help take care of people’s pets.

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Here are articles that help keep your pet healthy and possibly prevent emergencies and illness.

Healthy Dog Food

What kind of food is fed to your dog can help it live a long happy life or can sometimes cause health problems. There are many reasons you feed the [...]

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Flea Infestations in Dogs and Cats

Fleas Fleas are the most common external parasite. They feed on animal blood and lay their eggs everywhere including your pets, your house, and your yard. Some people get bit [...]

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Top 11 Toxic Foods for Dogs

Find out the top 9 toxic foods that dogs get fed and get into. 1. Foods Not To Feed Your Dog 2. Symptoms of Toxicity 3. Garlic and Onions 4. [...]

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Cat Mouths, Cat Dentals, and 2 Cat Mouth Diseases

Cat Dental Prophylaxis Does your cat have bad breath, build up (calculus) on their teeth, bleeding gums, a sensitive mouth, drooling, or is over 4 years of age? If you [...]

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Gentle Leader Dog Walking Aid

Dogs That Pull While Walking Have you ever walked your dog and dealt with them consistently pulling on the leash? Most of us have experienced this at some point with [...]

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Ticks, Dogs, and 4 Tick-Borne Diseases

Do you know if where you live has ticks, and if so which ticks and which diseases those ticks carry? Find out about ticks, dogs, and four common tick-borne diseases. [...]

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ADAPTIL for Dogs with Stress and Anxiety

It is best to try it out before a stressful event to make sure ADAPTIL will help your dog. Stress, Anxiety, and Your Dog ADAPTIL for Dogs Different Products from [...]

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Water and Dehydration

Water What type of water do you give your pet? Most pets get the same water that we drink, which can be good or bad. Filtered Water Filtered water is [...]

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Feeding and Water Bowls for Your Pets

Feeding and Water Bowls for Your Pets Have you thought much about the feeding and water bowls you provide to your pet? Most people have not.  The type of feeding [...]

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