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It is best to try it out before a stressful event to make sure ADAPTIL will help your dog.

  1. Stress, Anxiety, and Your Dog

  2. ADAPTIL for Dogs

  3. Different Products from ADAPTIL

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  8. How Does it Work?

Stress, Anxiety, and Your Dog

Does your dog experience stress and/or anxiety? Separation anxiety, noise aversions (thunderstorms, fireworks, construction), traveling in a carrier or the car, having people at the house, having new pets or someone else’s pet coming into the house, or doing something new can cause stress and anxiety for dogs. These can all be scary for dogs that have not done them before or that have had a bad experience with these situations in the past.

ADAPTIL for Dogs

Have you tried any of the ADAPTIL products? Their products do not work on all dogs but a lot of dogs benefit from ADAPTIL products to help reduce or eliminate the need for prescription drugs to help with anxiety and/or stressful situations.

Different Products from ADAPTIL

ADAPTIL has a home diffuser that you plug into the wall that works like a plug-in air freshener. You put it in the room that the dog is going to be in while there is a stressful situation, or that they might have anxiety. If they are going to be left in a crate while you are not home, plug it in at least one hour before leaving the house and leave it plugged in while you are gone. If there is a lot of stress for your dog, you can keep it plugged in all the time. For some dogs, this is the best thing to do but do what works best for you, your dog, and your budget.


For the plug-in diffuser if you leave it plugged in all the time the canister needs to be changed every 30 days and the diffuser needs to be changed every six months. If you use it as needed, make sure there is enough liquid in the canister before plugging it in. The diffuser works in a room of up to 700 square feet. You may need more than one for your house if your dog has a lot of anxiety and they spend a lot of time in multiple areas of your house, or you can try the collar. You can find the diffuser here.



If your dog does not stay in just a few areas of your house, your house is large, your dog goes in and out of the house when they want, or they have anxiety all the time try the ADAPTIL collar. Find them here. They have three sizes puppy size, small dog size, and for medium and large dogs. They go by the size of the dog’s neck; you might need to measure their neck or if they have a collar measure it to make sure you get the correct size collar. The collars last for one month once you put them on.



They also have a spray that you can put on items that the dog will be around while they might be stressed. You can spray it in your car, on blankets, towels, in crates, or in any small space that your dog will be in that will be stressful for the dog or might have anxiety. Never spray it at your dog and wait a few minutes before putting your dog in the sprayed area. Click here to get the spray.

ADAPTIL Helpful Tips

When you get any ADAPTIL product they come with helpful tips about anxiety and stress with your dog. There are also puppy products that are specific for puppies.

How Does it Work?

Vet Tech Tips All Animal Tips Advise Pheromones
Vet Tech Tips Pheromones

ADAPTIL works by using pheromones that are emotional messages to dogs that help them feel calm. When dogs rub their faces on things, they leave these pheromones on objects and when nursing the mother gives off pheromones to her puppies. There is a slight smell when first sprayed or plugged in that only lasts for a minute or so and then does not smell anymore. I have used these for most of my veterinary career and love these products. We just used the spray but have so many people tell us about using them at home and the success they have had.

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