Category Archives: Diseases

Find out what causes different diseases, what you can do to help prevent diseases, what you can do to help your pet once they have a disease.

Spaying and Neutering Your Dog and Cat

Spaying is the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus in female animals, while neutering [...]

Kitten Care

Did you recently adopt a kitten or are you thinking about getting a kitten? Are [...]

Dog Obesity

Is your dog overweight? Could your dog benefit from losing a few pounds? Do you [...]

Feline Leukemia Virus or FeLV

FeLV or feline leukemia virus is a cat disease that can be spread to other [...]

Ticks, Dogs, and 4 Tick-Borne Diseases

Do you know if where you live has ticks, and if so which ticks and [...]

Liver Disease in Dogs and 5 Tests for Liver Disease

Liver disease can come on suddenly and cause a lot of issues for your dog [...]

Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats

Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats Do you know what symptoms can be signs of [...]

Dog Mouths, Dog Dentals and the 4 Stages of Periodontal or Dental Disease

What is Dental or Periodontal Disease in Dogs? Is your dog over the age of [...]

Cat Mouths, Cat Dentals, and 2 Cat Mouth Diseases

Cat Dental Prophylaxis Does your cat have bad breath, build up (calculus) on their teeth, [...]

Diabetes in Cats and Dogs

Diabetes in cats and dogs can usually be prevented. 1. Diabetes in Cats and Dogs [...]

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