Kong Wobbler for Dogs

Kong Wobblers for Dogs

Enrichment for Your Dog Using the Kong Wobbler

When your dog cannot go outside and play, how do you give them enrichment? Did you know that it is just as important for our dogs to keep their minds enriched as it is for us?

When Your Dog Cannot Go Outside

When a dog has nothing to do while you are away, when they cannot go outside to play for whatever reason, and lack of space in your house or apartment, try the Kong Wobblers. These are made with a very thick polymer that allows the dog to chew on them for long periods without breaking apart easily. You should inspect it occasionally to make sure pieces of it are not being chewed off. Normally they last for a long time even with dogs that have strong jaws and chew a lot, but they are not something your dog should ingest.  Once it starts to break apart throw it away and get another one.

Using the Kong Wobbler for Dogs

Kong Wobblers for Dogs
Kong Wobblers for Dogs

The Kong Wobbler for dogs twists apart. The top detaches from the bottom which allows you to add food or treats and clean it. These should be cleaned regularly since there is food in them and the dog will be getting food particles on the outside of the toy as well.

Getting Treats Out of the Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler has a hole on one side that the dog needs to move around to be able to get the food or treats out of. The treats will fall on the floor so make sure to give it to your dog somewhere in your house where you are ok with your dog getting food and drool on the floor.

Showing Your Dog How to Use the Kong Wobbler

Kong Wobblers for Dogs
Vet Tech Tips Kong Wobblers for Dogs

When first giving the Kong Wobbler to your dog you might need to show them how it works, but they learn when it moves a certain way food comes out and it becomes a game for them and can keep them occupied until the treats run out.  It also gives the dog exercise and stimulates their minds.

More Articles on Enrichment Toys

We are working on more articles about enrichment toys for dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, and even reptiles.  Check back every few weeks to see what is new.

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Feed Back About Kong Wobblers

If you have used the Kong Wobblers for dogs, please let us know what you and your dog thought of it.

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