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  1. Visiting West Paw in Bozeman, Montana

  2. Reducing Materials

  3. Different Types of Toys

  4. West Paw Facility

  5. Keeping Workers Safe

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Visiting West Paw in Bozeman, Montana

We were able to visit the West Paw facility in Bozeman, Montana. We went as a family and got to walk around the factory and see how the stuffed toys, Zogoflex toys, and beds were made and assembled.

Reducing Materials

They strive to help reduce materials by using plastic from the ocean to make some of their toys. When the Zogoflex toys are no longer usable just ship them back to West Paw and they will sanitize them, grind them back up, and make new toys. If you have any West Paw toys or buy any of them, make sure to return them when they cannot be used by your dog anymore and you can help reduce waste.

West Paw also reuses pieces that they use to make the toys. They get broken down again and used for new toys. If there are any problems with the toys being made at the facility, they grind them up and make them into new toys.

Different Types of Toys

Vet Tech Tips West Paw Jive Orange Toy
Vet Tech Tips West Paw Jive

They have toys that are great for chewers, good for puppies, and toys that hold food or treats.

West Paw Facility

West Paw is a very clean facility and it was awesome to be able to learn, watch how the toys and beds were made and learn more about the company.  The beds and plush toys are sewn by machine with a person navigating the sewing machine and hand stuffed.

Keeping Workers Safe

The workers who do perform certain tasks for a limited number of hours a day are moved to different stations, so they are not doing repetitive movements all day long. West Paw cares about its employees and wants to make sure they can keep working without work-related problems.

Check Out West Paw Toys

If you do not have any of the West Paw toys, make sure to check them out at a retailer near you.

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